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Nana Abuladze – Lawyer

Nana Abuladze is an Athens lawyer with extensive experience in criminal law and specialization in immigration law. She studied in Athens and specifically at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens where she received a law degree.

Maintains an organized law office in the center of Athens specializing in immigration and criminal law. She has extensive judicial and extrajudicial experience, practicing law for almost fifteen years, providing consulting and judicial support to individuals and legal entities.

Participates as a speaker in workshops and conferences on the rights of foreigners. She writes articles in the printed and electronic press in the languages ​​she speaks, specifically in Greek, English, Georgian, Russian, Turkish and Azeri.

Translates legal texts in cooperation with consulates of various countries in order for foreigners living in Greece to know the legal status of the country and to become aware of their rights and obligations in their mother tongue, a work for which she has been honored by the Parliament of Georgia.

She is one of the founding members and administrator of the non-governmental organization Shota Charity, which has as its object the work of defending human rights, preparing various projects such as translating legal texts and international conventions and taking practical action in the framework of the NGO’s charity work.