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The electronic extension of residence permits for Third Country Citizens

The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, with the aim of ensuring the legitimacy of third-country nationals amid special restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, has promoted legislation to extend the permits of third-country nationals. According to this regulation, the validity of final residence permits and certificates of deposit of application of third country nationals, issued under Law 4251/2014 (AD 80) and PD 106/2007 (AD 135) and expired or will expire:
From 1 January 2020 until 31 July 2020 are automatically extended until 31 March 2021 and
From 1 August 2020 and with an expiration date until 31 March 2021, they are automatically extended for eight (? months from their initial expiration date.
From 30/12/2020 through the electronic services to the citizen of a third country you provide the possibility of issuing a certification / attestation of the validity of the residence permit and the certificates of submission of application.
The clients of our office from 04/01/2021 will be informed and will receive from us the relevant certificate free of charge!
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The fundamental rights of migrants living illegally in the European Union

International and European human rights law obliges EU Member States to guarantee respect for the human rights of all persons within their territory, including illegal immigrants.
Thus, although the Member States of the European Union are not obliged to provide their social benefits to illegal immigrants, they must nevertheless ensure that the basic human rights of these migrants are respected.
These basic rights include access to essential health services, emergency and basic health care services, such as the ability to be examined by a doctor and the provision of medicines, as well as health care services for particularly vulnerable groups of migrants such as women who are in pregnancy or have children.
According to Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, pregnant women must have free care at all stages of pregnancy , while children should be entitled to medical coverage on an equal footing with nationals of the host country, including vaccinations.
Another basic right of children that the Member States must respect is their access to primary education, access to children which should be on an equal footing with nationals.
According to Article 28 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children must have free access to primary education.
Finally, it is important to mention access to justice through mechanisms that allow individuals to file complaints when their basic human rights are violated, such as equal employment rights, as illegal immigrants are particularly vulnerable to cases of abuse and exploitation (especially those who work as domestic staff) or in matters of their remuneration or compensation in the event of an accident at work.
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Residence permit for exceptional reasons

Pursuant to Article 19 of Law 4251/2014, those foreigners residing in Greece for the last seven consecutive years can request from the competent Directorate of Foreigners and Immigration an initial residence permit for exceptional reasons.
This category of residence permit is a big headache both for the service that receives the requests, as it has to manage a huge volume of requests without having enough staff, and for foreign immigrants who often wait more than a year to receive the coveted date.
These problems, of course, became even more acute as part of the government’s measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, with the result that all scheduled appointments were canceled and foreign citizens were denied access to the service for almost a year.
He tried to rectify this situation from January 19, 2021 announcement of the Secretary General of Immigration Policy according to which the directorates of foreigners and immigration had to take the necessary measures to determine appointments of foreign citizens who wanted to be legalized with the provisions of the above law.
However, although according to the announcement of the foreigners and immigration directorates, the interested parties would receive answers regarding the appointment within two weeks, this in practice became impossible with the result of appointments requested from the first day of operation (21/01/2021) not yet identified.
This situation is sought to be rectified by the electronic submission of requests for exceptional reasons which you expect to begin in the near future.
Therefore, those who consider that you have the conditions to apply for a residence permit in this category, prepare your files or contact your legal counsel.
The clients of our office do not need to take any action as we will respond immediately to any change in the way requests are submitted to the competent service.
For more information you can contact our office from Monday to Friday 11:00 to 19:00 by phone 00 2103008939 or send us a personal message ? inbox

What is a key number?

The key number is a unique identification code with your face, which allows you to access your taxes electronically via the Internet – and specifically through taxisnet:
TAXISnet is an information system with which taxpayers and businesses trade with the General Secretariat of Information Systems bypassing the public financial service.
With your key number you can do many things like:

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