What is a key number?

The key number is a unique identification code with your face, which allows you to access your taxes electronically via the Internet – and specifically through taxisnet:
TAXISnet is an information system with which taxpayers and businesses trade with the General Secretariat of Information Systems bypassing the public financial service.
With your key number you can do many things like:

1. Submit the income tax return (E1, E2, E3, E9, E14).
2. Print tax returns and statements whenever you need it.
3. Be able to instantly find and print your home contract
4. In the system you can find and print the road tax, the status of your vehicle, the payment forms and declarations of your transactions as well as receive personalized information about your tax obligations.
5. Be able to receive tax or refund notifications, be notified of the settlement of your tax return and in addition make tax awareness downloads.
6. Using the key number you can submit applications for different allowances and benefits to various public organizations (eg: OAED, EFKA, etc.)
7. Using the key number you can monitor your employment contracts, your stamps, apply for sickness benefit, etc.
8. By using the key number you can make appointments in various public services, you can also issue authorizations and responsible statements without the need for additional validation for the original signature from KEP or police department
Above you can see some of the things you can do using the key number.
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